Set a goal and the app will Round Forward all your transactions on a set bank account allowing you to donate only a fraction on what you spend every time.

Charity Approval process

Do you work for a charity and think having your charity on Round Forward could be beneficial? Apply to be on Round Forward today!

Sponsor Transaction Fees

Each transaction fee will be covered by that months sponsor. Allowing all of your money to go to the charity of your choice!


There will be a a wide range of categories to help you select the charity that is doing something that you care about!

Rounding Forward

Having each of your purchases rounded to nearest whole dollar allows you to donate without having to do it all at once!


Plus Up

If you would like to reach your goal a little faster there is an option to Plus Up. This is where the app will not only round the purchase up to the nearest dollar, but it will also add an extra dollar on top of that.


Every time there is a transaction there is some sort of fee. So, we partner with companies that will cover this transaction fee, so that all of your raised money goes to the charity and not a third party company.

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RoundForward is a company dedicated to helping non-profit organizations raise awareness and financial contributions in a modern, technology driven, way. We are always looking for ways to improve our mission so feel free to reach out with ideas, suggestions, or just to be in touch.

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