Set a goal and our app automatically rounds up transactions enabling you to donate to the causes you care about - every time you make a purchase.

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Are you connected with nonprofit organizations that could benefit from RoundForward? Apply today to get your nonprofit on RoundForward radar.

Cover Transaction Costs

Transaction fees take a toll on struggling nonprofits. Become a Sponsor and help cover the transaction fees for the nonprofit of your choice!


Giving is highly personal. Find the causes you care about the most and start supporting them!

Rounding Forward

Have your purchases rounded up to the next dollar and make donating to your preferred nonprofit a breeze.


Plus Up

Want to put your giving into overdrive? Plus Up enables you to add an extra dollar on top of your rounded-up purchases.


Transaction fees take a big bite out of contributions. We partner with companies who help cover these transaction fees, helping you succeed.

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Check out the full list of the nonprofits working with RoundForward.

The Harbor House Foundation

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RoundForward is dedicated to helping non-profits gain awareness and connect with consumers who share their passion and commitment, making it easier for them to support causes they care about.

RoundForward can only work with federally-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofits.

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